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The Best Campsites Near Loch Lomond

The best campsites near loch lomond

Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park is one of Scotland’s most beautiful parks, visitors and residents visit all year round. Although the park and Loch Lomond camping sites sit in the heart of Scotland, they feel like a world apart from society, giving a tranquil and enjoyable holiday choice.

How far is Loch Lomond from Glasgow?

33 miles | 47 minute drive

How far is Loch Lomond from Edinburgh?

78 miles | 1 hour 7 minutes minute drive

The best campsites near loch lomond

The peaceful Luss Caravan park is one of the most beautifully placed campsites in Loch Lomond. The campsite is located just a short walk from Luss’s charming main street, which is highly popular with visitors looking to get away from the rush and intensity of city life. The spacious camping area at the northern end of the park is best for anybody seeking stunning views of Loch Lomond, as well as providing toilet and shower facilities. 

In summary, Luss caravan park provides amazing views and excellent utilities and is perfect for those looking for budget getaways to campsites near Loch Lomond.

Milarrochy Bay Campsite campsites near loch lomond

Milarocchy Bay is a Loch Lomond camping site located midway up the lake’s eastern banks, and is ideal for those looking for quieter campsites in Scotland.

For those attempting the famed West Highland Way, the site is ideal as the campsite is located directly on the trail and provides a delivery service to transport baggage to the next camping area. As an added extra, there’s even a pub located at the Milarocchy Bay campsite called the Oak Tree.

The best campsites near loch lomond

The Cashel Campsite is just north of the Milarrochy Campsite on Loch Lomond’s east bank and is another wonderfully quiet campsite. We have included this on our list of campsites near Loch Lomond as the campsite is located in the Queen Elizabeth Forest Park, one of Scotland’s best-loved locations and offers breathtaking views of Loch Lomond from all sides.

In addition to the above, this caravan park is also located directly on the West Highland Way’s path, making it an ideal rest stop for hikers who have completed the 96-mile journey.

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Common questions about Loch Lomond

Loch Lomond is a popular spot for open water swimmers, and it’s safe to swim provided you follow the safety guidelines, as it may be difficult for others to detect you while you are low in the water. For those wanting a challenge, there is even a yearly event aimed at introducing as many people as possible to this new swimming sport.

Loch Lomond stretches for around 24 miles (39 kilometres), extending southward in almost a triangular form. Its slow moving constructed floor reaches a depth of 623 feet, despite its surface being just 23 feet (7 metres) above sea level (190 metres).

Loch Lomond is definitely a place for fishing enthusiasts. There are a variety of fish from sea trout, brown trout, hybrid bream to arctic char, chub, eel, and pike.

Camping in the wild in Scotland is entirely legal. Unfortunately, however, this doesn’t apply to all areas in the country as certain areas require a permit, this includes Loch Lomond. However, between the months of March and September, permits are ONLY necessary for wild camping on Loch Lomond’s shoreline. This means you do not require a permit for the winter months.


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