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The Simple Guide on Motorhome Finance

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Are you considering campervan or motorhome finance? We don’t blame you; there are numerous advantages to owning one:

  • They give you the ability to travel freely and plan your own routes.
  • You get all the flexibility of moving with the added home comforts you’re familiar with.
  • You join a tight-knit community ncluding the ability to plan your own routes freely while still having the home comforts you’re familiar with as well as the sense of community that comes from meeting like-minded people, to name a few.

However, many individuals don’t know where to start when it comes to motorhome finance, so to help you get started, we’ve put together this guide to help you navigate how finance works and how to figure out the best alternative for you and your family.

More than 2 million people take holidays or staycations in caravans and motorhomes every year


Is it Easy to Finance a Motorhome or Campervan?


Yes, financing has never been easier with many options available to ensure you can find the best alternative for you. Even better, you can finance your motorhome or campervan over 10 years [120 months] ensuring you have confidence and flexibility in your purchase.

How does finance on a motorhome work?


Once you have requested a callback through our quotation form, there are two financing options available to you:

  • Hire Purchase [HP]
  • Hire Purchase with a Residual Value (HP with RV)

How does hire purchase work on a motorhome?


Hire purchase is when you pay for your motorhome in full, plus interest and administrative fees, over a number of monthly instalments with a fixed amount each time. You will own the motorhome or campervan outright at the end of this process.

Why choose Igneous for your motorhome finance?


We can offer our customers an APR on motorhome financing starting at 5.9%, and we are currently the only asset finance company that can do so. We also offer excellent customer service and quick approval times to make it easier for you to get started on your motorhome excursion.

We are also official financial partners of Wingamm UK, who manufacture luxurious motorhomes that provide the perfect balance between comfort and convenience.

Our team of motorhome and asset finance specialists are on hand to help you whenever you need it. Applying has never been easier, click here to get started on your finance quote.

What are the benefits of motorhome finance?

Financing a motorhome couldn’t be easier, here are some advantages to purchasing through finance:

  • You’re able to be more financially stable by spreading the cost over a period of time rather than making one large payment.
  • The approval process is faster and much easier than an outright purchase.

Asset finance is the fastest-growing financing option for both businesses and individuals and is easier to obtain than a traditional bank loan. Banks are always able to change facilities, however, asset finance payments are fixed from the beginning, so you know what you’re getting in addition to being kind to your budget and cash flow while making it simple to manage as the payments are in fixed monthly installments.

Popular motorhome models

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We hope this simple guide will help you when exploring motorhome finance options, if you have an enquiry you can contact us via email or call us on 01698 741187.


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