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Motorhome Types: Which One Should I Buy?


Are you thinking about motorhome finance, but don’t exactly know which model you’re looking for? We’re here to help you, a new or familiar motorhome buyer, understand the different motorhome types there are available, to save you from endlessly googling ‘motorhomes for sale’.

There are so many motorhomes types available that sometimes it can seem there are too many to choose from, especially if you are a new buyer. 

To get hold of your dream motorhome, start by writing a list of what you require in your mobile home. Whether that be a simple compact vehicle to get you started on your travelling journey, or whether you desire an RV, as an experienced buyer, that has plenty of room with luxury facilities and a bedroom separate from the living area. 

We have put together a list of the different motorhome styles (which are also available for motorhome finance) to help you understand the difference between them – even if you are a current motorhome owner wanting to upgrade and unsure of your options.

coachbuilt motorhome

Coachbuilt motorhome types are the most popular in the UK, as most motorhome owners will be aware of from visits to showrooms offering the same similar models. They aren’t as compact as a caravan, but aren’t as long and tall as an RV. Coachbuilt motorhomes start as a cab to which a converter adds a caravan body. The variations of the coachbuilt motorhome models are as follows:


Over-cabs are larger that offer extra living space. The interior layout is an open plan as it extends over the driver’s area. They have fitted facilities such as a washroom and a toilet component. They provide a double bed in the over-cab area and can sleep two to six people.


A low-profile coachbuilt vehicle offers a lower, more sleek trimmed roofline over the cab area. It is kitted with plenty of storage space and has a slightly better fuel consumption than an over-cab. This model is more suited to couples as it provides enough space and comfort. Its because of this that smaller motorhomes are becoming a popular choice due to their convenient size, remarkable comfort and handling. Giving a luxurious yet cozy experience.


A-Class motorhome types are top of the range mobile homes. They have an added caravan shell to make great use of interior space. This model is perfect for those who travel great distances for holiday adventures and new buyers who want to truly indulge in a luxurious motorhome lifestyle. It offers you more space and home comfort than any motorhome on the market. A drop-down double bed, swivel driver and passenger seats are standard features, however, you still have the option of personalising your interior.

For a guide on A-Class motorhomes on different motorhome models, head over to Out & About Live. For additional information about the varied motorhome styles in Class A, Class B and Class C, read TripSavvy’s guide to RV classes.

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fixed and elevated roof conversion

There are three main types of conversion motorhomes. Unlike most motorhome owners, you don’t have to worry about what roads and parking places you can use, since a conversion vehicle is just like a van.

Are you one for conversion campervans? Check out this video to help you decide your campervan layout.

Fixed roof


This motorhome type allows you to safely store it in your garage or driveway, since it has a low height and van build. This design is great for first time motorhome buyers who just want to hit the road. However, facilities are limited with no standing room, but this motorhome is for those who just want to escape everyday living to see adventure. It allows you to do just that, not to mention how easy it is to get motorhome finance.

Elevating roof

Elevated roof motorhome

An elevating roof motorhome is a step up from a fixed roof converter. The layout remains the same, except the lifted roof allows for standing room. This model also offers better sleeping arrangements in the roof section.

If you like the sound of an elevating roof mobile home, take a look at our campervan page for more insight. Why not also look at the Ford Custom Nugget?

high top motorhome conversion

In the conversions range, the high-top offers more luxury. It has a high roof, so you get plenty of standing room at 2m, with some designs even taller with a fitted toilet and washroom. The high-top offers converter motorhome buyers more living space.

Motorhome Types: RV

RV Motorhome

Recreational Vehicles (RVs) offer exceptionally high-end quality facilities and more spacious surroundings than any other motorhome. These motorhome types is ideal for retired couples who venture around the UK and Europe regularly, since it offers a perfect home from home. However, in recent years, new government legislation could see the ban of diesel RVs, campervans and motorhomes from 2030.

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